Best Mascara For Over 50

All you make up geeks out there, we need your attention here! Or we can assure it will be directed here in a while as we will be discussing mascaras now.  Mascara is a makeup essential. It enhances eyelashes and adds volume to the eyes like no other product. Eyelashes look darker, thicker and longer and are perfectly defined. Although it is desired by women of all ages, here we will be conversing about best mascara for women above fifty years of age.

For older women it is essential that they watch out the ingredients used in a product. For this purpose, it is recommended to read the ingredients mentioned at the back of the product packaging. Therefore, to prepare the list for “best mascaras for women over 50” I will initially discuss the ingredients to watch out for in the product. These ingredients are overall not recommended for women but specifically for women above 50. Additionally, we have observed women above 50 tend to have sensitive eyes on the majority.


NAMEPRICELong-WearParty/CasualLong LashesThick LashesSmudge Proof
DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double ProtectionClick HereYesPartyYesYesYes
Endlessly Beautiful Organic Mascara
Click HereYesPartyYesYesYes
Revitalash Volumizing Mascara
Click HereYesCasualYesYesYes
NYX The Skinny Mascara
Click HereNoCasualNoNoNo
DiorShow Mascara
Click HereYesPartyYesYesYes
Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof
Click HereNoCasualYesNoNo
6. Clinique Lash Power Long-Wearing Formula
Click HereYesCasualYesNoYes
7. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara
Click HereYesPartyYesYesYes

Sensitive Eyes

Directing to women above 50, if you’ve noted your eyes are now more sensitive than they once were. This means your eyes are now more prone to infections and irritation. You may choose mascara explicitly for sensitive eyes. These can be humanly tested mascaras. They are tired and tested for not causing irritation in the eyes. It could be a mixture of ingredients or even fibers. However, avoiding mascaras that have fibrous particles in them is necessary, as they attach themselves to the eyelashes, thus building up volume. The added foreign particles tend to flake off over the course of the day and fall into the eye or onto your cheekbones.

Tips for women above 50 using specks or eyeglasses

While preparing the list for Best mascara for over 50 we also need to take into consideration their use of specks or eyeglasses. If you wear glasses, wearing makeup can bring a few complications as it makes it tough to see what you’re doing when applying eye shadow and mascara. If your eyesight prevents you from safely applying mascara, try using a magnifying glass. I have seen, as I’m sure you have as well, those glasses that flip down to allow makeup to be applied.

Another consideration with regards to glasses is the length of your eyelashes in relation to how high glasses sit on your face. This could be a problem if you wear false eyelashes especially. Check that your eyelashes aren’t going to hit the lenses or the upper frame. That is because when you look up, eyelashes rub the upper frame. The contact of the lashes with the frame can be a bit irritating and might even result in falling out of the mascara.

A Substitute for Mascara (For those who are interested)

Not to forget here that mascara and eyeliner go hand in hand. If you don’t feel your mascara has enough impact if it isn’t black and heavily applied, consider eyeliner. Both the liquid and the pencil are great substitutes if you don’t want to or can’t wear mascara. It still can draw attention to the eye. However, for ladies above 50 their eyelids aren’t as smooth as they once were. Therefore, it is recommended avoiding the desire to straighten out the skin by pulling on the eyelid.

Different colors of mascaras

As we are talking about mascaras, let’s also touch the topic of different colors available for mascaras. The desire to try a new look and experiment with your looks remains till we are alive. As we age, our skin color changes and becomes less rosy and more ashen. Black mascara can give women over 50 a hard unattractive look. It is more dramatic.  It may work well for the youngsters but for women above 50, less is more. So, shades of brown suit well to the elderly ladies.

Even though you may ponder there are just variations of black and brown, there are several colors of mascara for example, blue, rosy and silver. In my opinion, those garish colors should be left for those who are younger. At times it can be tough to make a change as we have become contented with our appearance and continue to use the same product just because we have been using it previously.

Best Mascara for over 50

Ladies over 50 have different preferences when it comes to mascaras. Some like it waterproof, others find waterproof mascara very difficult to take off so they prefer something that comes off easily. Others want a small brush to make the mascara application precise and convenient. Certain ladies look for a mascara that is long lasting and doesn’t smudge easily. Whereas, volume is number one priority for many of them. So, there are a lot of preferences.

We will be addressing them all and listing the best mascaras for women over 50. But they are not listed in any particular order. The list contains mascaras that fits every budget, along with all the qualities one desires for in her mascara..

1.     DHC Mascara Perfect Pro Double Protection (Black)


the best mascara is always a struggle. To have those long lashes that last throughout the day without smudging is all I want. My need was immediately met when I found DHC Perfect Pro. The formula lasts all day, all night and the précised brush gives me a non-clumpy fine application.

water-resistant quality means I suffer from no smudging under the eye. Loreal Double extend has been a competitor, but DHC is more long-lasting. Moreover, it is non-irritant and has no harmful effects on the eye.

feel the mascara is difficult to take off, and this part is impossible without a makeup remover. It is also expensive with a thin consistency, which means I have to apply several coats. Apart from this, it is the best product in the market for long-lasting quality.

  1. Revitalash Volumizing Mascara

    best mascara for over 50

Majority of the women above 50 are dealing with volume loss of eyelashes. They desire for a product that gives volume and enhance eyelashes at the same time. It can benefit greatly from choosing a formula like Revitalash Volumizing Mascara.

The product comes with an eyelash primer and mascara, two in one bottle with two brushes on each side. Primers, are meant to prepare your skin before applying the makeup so that you get a fine finished look. They also keep your lashes healthy, and there is less breakage. The breakage is clearly not acceptable after fifty years. After primer the mascara is applied. Hence, the result is dramatic volumized eyelashes.

Another important attribute is that Revitalash comes approved by an ophthalmologist. This means they are suitable even for very sensitive eyes. The only thing I didn’t like was the brush. It was not up to the mark. However, other than that it is a two in one product at a medium budget. My definite recommendation for those dreamy eyes.

3. Endlessly Beautiful Organic Mascara

Are you interested in adding a new mascara into your beauty routine that makes you feel good inside and out? Endlessly Beautiful’s Organic Mascara is now available at Amazon. It is made with 100% natural and 85% organic ingredients including lash nourishing Chamomile and Vitamin E. It is completely vegan and cruelty free AND it actually works. With over 1800 reviews on Amazon this is truly a tried and true formula. It lengthens your lashes and will last all day without smudging or smearing. Are you ready to look and feel great naturally? With a risk-free, 30-day money back guarantee, you can be sure the product fits your lifestyle, too. We can’t wait to hear how much you love it!

4. NYX The Skinny Mascara

NYX The Skinny Mascara review

Nyx is a master in preparing products that are budget-friendly and fit all the issues or skin types. Similar is the creation of Skinny Mascara that comes with a tiny brush. This tiny brush enables one to get a perfectly fine look with no clumps or flakes. It is an ideal product for ladies with smaller eyes or those who need to enhance lower lashes or eye corners. The look of mascara enhances with each coat, as the brush works like a magic wand.

Nyx skinny is very easy to remove, this at times adds to the cons and results in smudging. However, a few people complained due to the smaller size of brush it is not suitable for upper lashes. In my opinion, those with smaller eyes should definitely give this product a chance, and Nyx has never disappointed me.

5. DiorShow Mascara

best mascaras for over 50

Ladies above 50, don’t you think, thicker-looking eyelashes are an immediate eye-catcher? They sure are. Some of us desire to have those sensational lashes, adding glamour to an overall look. If you are looking for a high-intensity lash curler, you have found the answer. Dior Show Mascara is an absolute magic portion that gives your eyes the effect of false lash extension, showcasing intensified volume and longevity of lashes.

The waterproof quality is so good, that even wearing it while swimming, did not have me end up look like a raccoon. This clearly means there are no signs of smudging either. No flaking or clumps were experienced. It is long-wear mascara that lasts all day. However, it is pricy due to the amazing quality. But for the ladies who like a high-intensity look for their daily wear, it is a must-have.


6. Maybelline Great Lash Waterproof 

mascara for women above 50 age

Since my teenage years, my ultimate go-to product for all kinds of eye products has always been Maybelline. Not just I, on research I found out Maybelline is all America’s favorite Mascara. The mascaras are at a good price yet they give amazing results. As the name indicates this product is waterproof with a smooth application. There are no clumps found, and it is super easy to get rid of. The small-sized brush makes application convenient than ever mostly for women over 50 as their top priority is a smaller brush.

This product has also been used on eyebrows and gave a satisfactory result. Some ladies also preferred using it as a primer and water gel and became equally happy. Whereas, the possible setback is that Great Lash has a too watery consistency, and doesn’t give a lot of volume. In order to get the desired volume, you have to give several coatings to your lashes. But make sure you do not dry out before the previous coat as the mascara is waterproof. Maybelline has my trust since I first got to know about the meaning of word makeup. One of the important reasons is that my eyes have always been very sensitive, and Maybelline never caused any sort of irritation even when I slept wearing my makeup. This factor would always give it a priority over any other makeup brand.

7. Clinique Lash Power Long-Wearing Formula

mascars 50 age

As you start to age, the main concern is to use products that keep your skin and eyes healthier looking. Clinique has always used ingredients that have no side effects and satisfy every customer. When I was a little girl, I would go for any product that would look attractive to me. However, my mother (over the age of fifty) always made sure to purchase Clinique Mascara only. She said it looks very natural, and truly give a no-makeup look. I couldn’t help but agree.

Clinique Lash power is long-wear mascara for casual wear. The smudging is nowhere to be found. The long-lasting formula is an amazing quality most mascaras are devoid of, which makes it an ultimate choice. Moreover, it has a nice brush that gives light volume and acute lengthening.

However, one attribute due to the waterproof quality could be the mascara’s removal. It has been a struggle for a few customers, but my mom would remove it with warm water and a cotton pad, sometimes castor oil and it came off easily.

8. Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara

mascara for women with the age of 60

Many women have short lashes that need a more defined look. In short a partner to give a bold look and boosts fullness is none other than Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara. It is one of the best mascaras of all times, that defines curls. It further gives the eyes a spectacular shape, full coverage and standing volume, thus giving an overall Seductive plus Mysterious look.

The brush that comes for application is one of the best brushes I have ever encountered. It is suitable for daily wear. However, due to the voluminous look, some clients have complaints about clumps forming. Moreover, it’s not confirmed, if it is waterproof. If you want the glamorous eyes for those big rare occasions, then you have found the answer.

In The End

In short, the choice of mascara should be made according to the look you want to have. But one thing is for sure, it must not irritate your eyes and your sight. So go through the details, and choose that perfect partner that grabs all the attention towards your eyes.