Best Boots For Rucking

I know some of you are too embarrassed to ask but don’t worry, I didn’t know what rucking was until my own personal experience with it. So, before I go on with the best boots for rucking let me just brag about what I know about rucking and a little bit about how my personal experience with rucking was.


Rucking is for people like me who think running sucks, big time and need more than just running. People who like challenges. So, if you don’t think running burns enough calories for you, you need to go rucking. It burns 3 times more calories than running. Basically, you wear a bag pack and walk. It’s a fitness thing. Rucking can be done at almost any weight. The weight actually increases resistance training to your back and shoulders and legs with every step you take. Just keep adding more weight if you want a harder challenge.

NamePrice RangePrice
Rocky S2V$$$Click Here
Belleville 600ST $$Click Here
Garmont T8 Bifida $$Click Here
Thorogood Men's Saw 8"$Click Here
Smith & Wesson Breach$Click Here

What’s the use of rucking?

Unfortunately, we live in a time where almost all of our generation is addicted to screens, whether it be mobile phones, laptops, iPad or tablets. We have ruined our posture sitting and staring at the screen.
Basically, when you put this much of a weight on your shoulders, it helps you to pull them back helps you maintain your center of mass. In short, rucking really improves your posture.

Not only does it improve your posture but it burns your calories 3X more than you would burn your calories with running. This active cardio helps you develop more strength in your muscles and the body overall.

Reviews Of Best Boots for Rucking

Nothing is more frustrating than finding out that your feet are swollen and blistered after a great workout. This workout might be the best thing for your physical health and your body but let’s not be so inconsiderate and forget about what the feet go through. So, we need to take care of our feet if we want to continue with this activity. We have shortlisted five of the best boots for rucking.

  • Rocky S2V Tactical Boots

These are a well-designed combination of military boots, built to extreme perfection. Keeping our feet comfortable and dry even when rucking in wet, barren lands is one of the things most of the rucking boots aspire to have. The fact that these boots can do that, makes one of the most advanced in its form with technology. Considered to be compact ready, we can see why Rocky S2V can hold up in the roughest terrain.

Key Features:

  • Despite not being completely waterproof, the company definitely kept in mind what its customers would want. The boot starts with water-resistant leather and a rubber sole and contains drainage ports that are designed to expel any water that might enter the boots while training or exercise.
  • The boots are treated with Aegis Microbe Shield to inhibit any bacterial and fungal growth inside the boots.
  • To keep the feet more comfortable, there is an extra layer of moisture-wicking Dri-Lex lining.
  • The Rocky S2V boots boast a high wall Vibram sole to keep the feet cozy and comfy.


This might be more expensive than some of the boots but by the features that we discussed, we know we won’t be wasting our money on anything. This is considered to be having some of the most advanced features for the boots.

Our Verdict:

If you need a boot with built-in quality and features, then this one is for you. These handsome, rugged and stylish boots are a true symbol of fighting in the military.



  • Belleville 600ST Combat Boots

Belleville did not reach where it is, overnight. They had to work hard and prove themselves. They produce some of the top boots used for rucking. They are comfortable, breathable and they do not hurt your feet like some of the boots that other companies produce. The customers have never been disappointed and they always come back for more.

best boots for rucking

Key Features:

  • The Belleville 600ST is made to last, because of thick, nylon weave and flesh side out cattle hide leather upper.
  • It is super lightweight and breathable; nylon fabric keeps your feet comfortably cool.
  • This boot features a steel toe that meets ASTM standards, which provides extra shielding.
  • It also has a Vibram sole.


This boot might be on the expensive side but given the stylish and sturdy condition of the boot, it is a great investment. The boots take you easily through the rough terrain. You can expect these boots to last for years, even after heavy use.

Our Verdict:

If features are not the only thing you look for and you need a sense of style and personality as well, then these are for you.



  • Garmont T8 Bifida Tactical Boots

Garmont has always been the most popular when it comes to duty-wear outdoor footwear. They have always produced some of the most comfortable footwear and with just the right amount of style and ruggedness. Do not get deceived by the looks of the boots. They might look huge and heavy but they are one of the most comfortable and versatile boots when it comes to conquering muddy trials.

garmont rucking boots

Key Features:

  • T8 Bifida might not be waterproof, but its main focus is on breathability and ventilation. So, its upper is made up of nylon mesh and suede and hence these boots are crafted to be quick drying.
  • It has a feature called ‘Zero Optical Refraction’ which provides ruckers with extra stability due to better ankle support and circulation.
  • It has open-cell footbeds for the soothing comfort of your feet.


Compared to the price of Belleville 600ST Compact Boots, the Garmont t8 Bifida is a significant investment for the new Rucker. Also, the ability to perform in multiple terrains is a very important detail which makes this T8 Bifida a very good investment and worth its price.

Our Verdict:

Even though these boots are a little heavy but these are very comfortable and flexible to use. The material used, is plain extraordinary. This is one of the best boots for rucking and highest rated tactical boots on Amazon. Also, its priced well below other boots with the same features.



  • Thorogood Men’s Saw 8″ Military Boots

This company is not new in making finest best boots for rucking. Not just for rucking, they are well-known in the military as well. Thorogood produces a variety of boots ranging from the ones that will cost you a fortune with every feature you can imagine to the most economical boots for rucking. The low price definitely doesn’t say the quality is low as well.

boots for rucking

Key Features:

  • This boot contains a rubber sole because Thorogood doesn’t compromise on how comfortable the boot is.
  • The boot also features a fiberglass shank and a removable comfort 125 Polyurethane footbed.
  • Thorogood 8″ Military Boots have a multi-terrain rubber outsole with a 90-degree heel.
  • It also has cement construction with heel and a toe stitch.


This might be the cheapest boot mentioned but that definitely doesn’t say that it’s not worth it. At a very affordable price, this boot ticks all the fundamental requirements of a good rucking boot.

Our Verdict:

If rucking is just your temporary habit and you don’t want to spend an arm and a leg over it, then this boot is for you. You will not be disappointed and your feet and pocket will thank you.



  • Smith & Wesson Breach 2.0 Boots

This company has been producing the most sophisticated, highly-crafted footwear since a very long time. The tradition continues with their introduction of better standards, durability, and prices of the boots. These boots get an extra point for versatility because they can be used for other activities as well.

best rucking boots for the money

Key Features:

  • These Smith and Wesson Breach Boots will help you last a whole day of rucking because of mid-sole made of EVA material which offers light-weight cushioning for an entire day.
  • For more comfort and durability, these boots come with a traditional steel shank, a thin flexible piece of metal, that rests between the insole and the outsole. It helps to reduce foot fatigue.
  • The boots have a leather and nylon upper for added comfort. This makes the boots extra tough and durable in the field.


If you are not ready to invest extra money in the boots, then you might want to consider this one. This is cheaper but as good as the boots mentioned above.

Our Verdict:

For people who put their comfort before anything, these are a perfect fit. With a custom designed insole and other features that it comes with, this boot is perfect for a muddy trial anytime.


In conclusion, there are a variety of factors that you should keep in mind one buying boots used for rucking. If you want your boots to be submerged, you would want something that will drain well and quickly and also keeps your feet dry and cool. Choosing booths that are comfortable, stylish and works well for your rough terrain are the ones you should be going for.

The best boots for rucking mentioned above, are just to draw your attention to some of the top ones in the market. You still have a variety of boots to look from.