Best Steam Inhalers for Singers

With changes in climate across the globe and increased pollution, more respiratory disorders are being identified than ever. These disorders cause symptoms such as cough, congestion of chest and difficulty to breathe. In order to keep the nasal passage and lungs clear, science has come up with an old remedy into new technology. Wet towels and steaming pots have now been replaced by Steam Inhalers. The singers make the most use of the vocal cords that need relaxation and hydration. Therefore, the best steam inhalers for singers are essential.

A steam inhaler is just not related to reducing respiratory symptoms, but it serves many more purposes too. This steaming bowl without-hassle clears and tightens the skin pores, making skin release natural sebum keeping it hydrated. It also helps to improve circulation that greatly helps patients who suffer from headache and migraines. Furthermore, it is used for releasing stress with the help of essential oils for aromatherapy. But the most effective function is for singers that use best steam inhalers for hydrating vocals and preventing laryngitis and oral thrush.

List Of Steam Inhalers

NamePriceHandheldSteam ManagementExtra Features
 Model Mypurmist 2  Click HereYesNoAir purifier
Vicks Steam InhalerClick HereYesYesNone
Vicks V1200 Click HereNoYesNone
Crane 2 in 1 Inhaler Click HereNoNoAir humidifier
MABIS Steam Inhaler Click HereNoYesAromatherapy


 Model Mypurmist 2 

mypurmist 2 steam inhaler review

One of the best handheld steam inhalers for singers is Mypurmist 2 ultrapure declared by singers themselves. It’s the best device for vocal cord maintenance Not only it relaxes and hydrates the muscle in the throat but clears the nasal passages creating ease to breathe. This way allergies, sinus pain, congestion and cold flu all can be temporarily managed.

The therapy provided is 100% natural with an Ultrapure germfree air purifier that ensures the inhaled vapours are 99.9% germ-free. After which it cleans itself automatically. The vapours given off are safe are also BPA free. With steam for 5-15 minutes, excessive relief is achieved to sleep with comfort and begin a day fresh.

The product comes in a portable kit with the essential medicine including filters, mask, other essentials and a travelling pouch thus also making it best portable steam inhaler for singers. It has to be plugged in but comes with a long cord that can go from one corner of the room to another. The plugin quality is important because the inhaler uses high power. It is easy to manage due to the design with numerous benefits.

However, there are a few drawbacks that make the product a little expensive to handle. Firstly, the price is greater than other steam inhalers in the market. Secondly, it works with Mypurist ultrapure sterile water refills only, which are also smaller in size and results in a more plastic burden on the Earth. Apart from this, it’s an amazing product that goes a long way.

 Vicks Personal Sinus Steam Inhaler

vicks personal steam inhaler review for singers

If you have a good voice but nasal congestion, sinus pressure or respiratory discomfort stands as a hurdle in your way, I have found the solution. Vicks Personal Sinus Steam inhaler is the best handheld steam inhaler for singers. It directly targets the area of discomfort and provides relief with Methanol Vapourpads. Especially hydrating the vocal cords.

Easy breathing is ensured by the product with natural water steam that penetrates the throat along with the nasal passages. They are cleared, mucus is drained and singing with ease is clearly possible. Along with throat and nasal passages, the face can also be targeted to relieve facial pressure and get rid of allergic symptoms like a migraine. It can also aid in clearing facial skin pores. There is also an option for dual scent pad.

Coming to the commendable design, it is very easy to handle giving quick results. Also, another advantage is that you can use it even with tap water, reducing the refill costs. There also exists the option to adjust the steam intensity according to your desire, reducing chances of any kind of burns.

A few complaints from the buyers have left them unhappy. It’s not suitable for aromatherapy that requires essential oils. Furthermore, it takes a lot of time to heat up which creates difficult for arthritis patients that can’t hold it for a long time. Excluding this, this plugin steam inhaler is the best steam inhaler in a low budget and maintenance cost.

 Vicks Personal Steam Inhaler, V1200

vicks 1200 inhaler review

Cold and flu can dehydrate the body and make you feel low, tired and uneasy. Vicks V1200, rehydrates the nasal passage returning the old energy back. It also works to relieve symptoms of respiratory disorders such as bronchitis, allergies and sinusitis.

Steam taken for 5-15 mins can greatly improve your overall performance during the entire day. It also increases the blood circulation which leads to an enhanced immune system.

Coming to the device qualities, it is compact and lightweight and can be easily travelled to work making it the best portable steam inhaler for singers. It also has a dual voltage that can be used anywhere around the world, again making it travel-friendly. The steam intensity is easily manageable. Moreover, it contains a long cord with a 1-year warranty to facilitate buyers.

Customers have complained that it cannot be used for essential oils, and the heat provided is of high intensity that can be hazardous to the skin. The low price also has the drawback of low quality. However, it’s still one of the best options used by singers and respiratory patients worldwide.

 Crane 2 in 1 Personal Steam Inhaler


Crane comes with special two in one feature that gives Mist humidifier and personal steam inhaler. Respiratory disorders such as allergies and sinusitis are highly dependent on genetic factors. They can cause symptoms like cough, flu, nasal congestion, dry hair, skin and nose bleeds.

Repetition of genetic markers means in a household, more than one person could be prone to the same symptoms. To release these symptoms air humidifier is the best option. It purifies the air up to 99.6% from the bacteria and allergens in the room. It can be easily used in bedroom, office spaces for up to 8 hours making the sleep and the office environment comfortable which shows positive results on health and work both.

It is a whisper-quiet humidifier that filters air effectively. Moreover, for safety purposes, it comes with auto shut technology. The capacity of the tank is up to 0.5 gallons.

When the purpose of a humidifier is no more required it can be easily converted into a steam inhaler by being replaced with an inhaler. The inhaler gives steam therapy as a non-medical alternative directly targeting the area in discomfort example nose or throat. It uses Crane’s HS-Methanol Vapourpads.

The device overall is easy to clean with a detachable bottom. However, few customers said the water tank had leakage issues. The steam produced is too hot, and the manual must be read first to control it and take the necessary precautions. Apart from this, the product is worth the money spent.

 MABIS Personal Steam Inhaler Vaporizer

best steam inhaler for singers

A recommended choice from professionals is none other than Mabis personal steam inhaler vaporizer. It is suitable for both children and adults providing comfort to respiratory symptoms. It has a built-in aromatic therapy system, which releases stress and a feature barely found in other steam inhalers. Moreover, the steam inhaler improves skin by cleansing the pore. All these advantages are possible due to smart technology.

The particle size of the vapour can be controlled through the device, smaller and larger water vapours can help treat different symptoms. The plugin cord is about 5 feet long which can be plugged in at faraway distances. There is no noise produced during 6-9 min steam therapy. Moreover, it comes with a filter-free feature and one year warranty to give customers an amazing experience.

Although this product has control over the size of the particle but the temperature control of steam is not present, which can be damaging to the facial skin. Also, the product has a lot of parts to be assembled which is annoying. Excluding this, the singers around the US declare it as the best steam inhaler for singers.


Buying guide

steam inhalers are becoming greatly popular. There have innumerable benefits and in my opinion, they are a must for every individual. Here are a few points to consider to make sure you are buying the best steam inhaler available.

Size – It is very important to consider the size according to the usage. If you stay home a bigger size won’t really matter but if you travel often a smaller and lighter weight inhaler is handy.

Quality- inhalers are a piece of machinery to be used daily and for the long term, it’s preferable to buy the best quality product as it has a longer lifetime and works more effectively.

Portable- a portable inhaler is easier to carry mostly for singers who have to travel often. Many professions are related to travelling and it’s always best to get a portable device.

Battery or plugin- steams inhalers come with a battery option and a plug-in option. But mostly they come with a plugin option since a lot of power is required to run the machine. Battery oriented inhalers use a lot of batteries due to high power, and disposing of batteries is hazardous to health. Make sure the length of the cord gives you ease with the use.

The filter being used- most steam inhalers use filters from the specific companies that manufacture the product. It’s always a better idea to check the availability and price of the vapour pad which you’ll be using.

Aroma-therapy friendly- if you aim to improve stress management with aromatherapy it’s always better to buy steam inhaler that possesses the special quality. Because most steam inhalers can’t take essential oils, and if you add them the device starts to malfunction.

Monitor heat intensity- some steam inhalers do not have the option for managing heat intensity and therefore can burn the skin. A better choice is to get a steam inhaler that allows you to manage heat as per your comfort.

If you consider the bullets mentioned above you will return home with a product that solves your everyday health issues with a few minutes keeping you active the entire day.

Nebulizer Vs Steam Inhaler

Both nebulizer and steam inhaler clear the lung passage for creating ease to breathe by removing chest congestion. However, there are a few differences.

Steam inhalers use water vapours to hydrate the nasal passages, simply converting water into steam. Whereas nebulizer converts liquid medicine into a fine spray of aerosol particles, it’s a medication for diseases such as emphysema, asthma, bronchitis. A

nebulizer is an old device, steam inhalers are newer. However, sometimes there can be an accumulation of particles in the bronchi that the lungs are unable to clear and can cause hazards with the use of a nebulizer. Steam inhalers are devoid of any other liquid so are much safer, for minor respiratory symptoms.

Asthma inhaler for singers

Asthma is the most common respiratory disorder found across the globe. A singer having asthma is likely interested in singing, but his breathing difficulties won’t allow him to follow his passion. Inflammation of airway constricts the airway leading to difficulty in breathing. For this breathing management exercises are effective.

However, using a steam inhaler can reduce the dryness of vocal cords and oral thrush chances. Mabis steam inhaler and Vicks 1200 are successfully being used to treat asthma symptoms, and have greatly helped singers. V1200 is portable and can be easily carried everywhere. Mabis has great quality and is easy to use. Moreover, spacers that contain medication are also used by asthma patients.

Are Steam inhalers good for singers?

Steam inhalers are used by plenty of singers. The vocal cords need to be hydrated and moisturized often, steam inhalers do this job. They also clear the throat from mucus and phlegm. Moreover, laryngitis which is fairly common in singers can be prevented through steam inhalers.

An ideal inhaler should be portable and must be used for 5-15 mins daily. The daily use keeps your lungs and throat healthy. Mypurmist is one of the best handheld steam inhalers for singers.


 What are additional benefits of using an inhaler?

All of us have a clear idea that steam inhalers are for the ones who face difficulty in breathing or have weaker lungs. However, the reality is different. For many years we have been using steam through pots, here the same advantages are at a level of hand targeting the exact area to be treated.

They do reduce throat irritation and inflammation but they are also natural expectortoram which means they relax muscles and relieve coughing and drying of the mucous membrane. Apart from this, steam inhalers cause increased circulation around the body giving benefits such as strengthened immune systems by the circulation of white blood cells. Steam also causes vasodilation of vessels reducing the stress thus leading to relaxation.

Most of us have seen the use of steam in salons. Ever wondered why? Our skin produces its very own moisturizer sebum that clogs the pores. Steam softens the sebum plugs so that sebum naturally flows. It removes impurities such as dirt and dead skin leaving us with an improved skin appearance.

Are inhalers allowed on a plane for singers?

Yes, since singers need steam inhalers to keep their vocals healthy, it is allowed. However, they must be carried in a clear plastic bag in hand luggage with a prescription to avoid being questioned by security. a portable steam inhaler is best for singers.

Can inhalers improve shortness of breath for singers?

Yes, inhalers greatly help to reduce breathlessness. The heat and moisture provided keep the nasal passage clear of impurities and phlegm. It also strengths the respiratory muscles. Moreover, it has a natural healing process that shrinks the swollen area, thus creating more volume of lungs.